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How it started.

Pets have always been a large part of Frank’s life as he grew up with «Shadow», the family’s golden retriever, and his girlfriend, Lara, who had two young cats, «Caruso» and «Rosie». Both were very successful hunters and brought home mice, birds, and many other sorts of prey - at the expense of the family’s stress levels.


The mechanical engineer decided to tackle this problem and started to put together a team of colleagues from ETH Zurich. With Manuel, who Frank met in high school where a long-lasting friendship started, a computer vision specialist was found to take the role of CTO. Together with longtime friends and software engineers Severin and Dominic, they build the artificial intelligence algorithm and IT Architecture.

Soon the first, 3D-printed prototype was installed at Lara’s home where Rosie, was happy to pose for a Photo. Our Chief Quality Officer, Rosie, got promoted to this role due to her high success rate in hunting.

As soon as we realized, that this product will change the world of cat owners, we asked Lara to help us build up a cool brand and marketing strategy. With her creative mind and extensive experience in advertising agencies, she has been a great addition to the team.


Where we are now.

Since the founding in October 2021 we have been through many highs and even more lows. With a fail fast and adapt mindset we have overcome many challenges and found ways to expect the unexpected. We have met amazing people along the way and can now rely on a very helpful network of investors, coaches and business leaders to make Pawly a reality.

We moved into our first office, optimized our algorithms, iterated on the product design and went through hundreds of meters of 3D printing material to reach optimal functionality and, soon, production readiness. We built up a community of prototype testers that help us improve our system and provide invaluable feedback on every step we take.


We envision a smart home for pet owners in which intelligent devices monitor a pet’s behaviour, activity and nutrition to make living together with a pet simpler, safer and more enjoyable.

Cat illustration


We automate simple tasks in the everyday life of a pet owner and process data from the automation services to provide insight into the pet’s health.

We would love to learn more about your story!

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