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The Cat Door with

Prey Detection

The smart cat door prevents prey & other intruders from getting into your home by utilizing artificial intelligence.

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No prey or traces of blood

No decomposing animal smells

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No damaged cables or clothes

No mouse traps

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Less stress & better sleep

Improved cat-owner relationship

Artificial Intelligence

makes it possible.

No Prey

The door will not open when your cat wants to bring home prey.


No Intruders

Your cat’s implanted RFID chip serves as an entry key.

Simple Set Up

No new hole is required for the installation.

Activity Tracking

Your cat’s hunting activity, times spent outside, and more is tracked in the Pawly mobile app.

Always Working

Night vision technology allows for non-stop performance.

How the Pawly Door works.

Step 2: Classify animation
Step 3: Verify animation
Step 4: Notify animation



The camera scans the environment & identifies when a cat approaches the cat door.



The algorithm analyzes the cat's face to find out if the cat carries prey.



The RFID sensor verifies the cat’s implanted chip.



The Pawly mobile app notifies the owner when the cat tries to bring home prey or unwanted guests attempt to enter.

How do I install the Pawly door?

The Pawly door will be mounted in a window, door, or wall and requires a hole in the said domain. We designed the Pawly door to make the installation very simple. If you already have a cat door and want to replace it, for the most common cat doors no new hole is required. The configuration of your Pawly door is streamlined through our mobile app.

When can I buy the Pawly door?

The Pawly Door will be available in the coming weeks on Kickstarter. Subscribe to the Newsletter so that you don’t miss the chance of getting your Pawly door as soon as it’s on the market. Follow our page on Kickstarter to benefit from the best price. What are you waiting for?

What happens when my cat brings home prey?

If your cat wants to bring home a mouse, bird or any other type of prey, it will not be let inside your home because the Pawly door remains closed. Through the Pawly mobile app you can manage the duration that your cat should not be allowed to enter.

Can other cats or animals enter my home?

Through RFID chip technology the Pawly door grants access to your cat only. Your cat's chip number will be registered in the mobile app. If the cat is not chipped, you will be able to buy a collar with a chip from Pawly.

Don’t miss the launch.

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