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About Us

Driven by our passion for pets and technology, we founded Pawly to create innovative solutions that simplify the way we live with and care for our furry companions.


Our Story

We've dedicated the past three years to developing the Pawly Door, analyzing over 2 million images, creating more than 10 different prototypes, and conducting hundreds of feedback rounds with our beta testers. All this effort was to perfect the functionality of the Pawly Door, ensuring we deliver a product that combines both functionality and elegance.

The Pawly Door is set to establish a new standard in pet technology. It's not just any cat flap; it lays the foundation for a data-driven, intelligent future of pet care, crafted with a commitment to innovation and excellence. With the Pawly Door, we aim to significantly impact how pets and their owners enjoy their life together.


mobile timeline bckgr

Mar - May 2021

Ideation, Development of
1st AI algorithm

Frame 439.png
Frame 440.png

Jan - Jul 2021

Start Of Data Collection

Aug - Sep 2021

Functional Prototype

Frame 429.png

Oct 2022 - Apr 2023

Beta Tester Onboarding & Testing

May - Aug 2022

Design Refinements,
Algorithm Optimization

Frame 432.png
Frame 443.png

Sep 2022 - Mar 2023

Larger Scale Testing, Camera Position Optimization

Apr - Aug 2023

Supply Chain Exploration

Frame 433.png
Frame 434.png

Sep - Oct 2023

Kickstarter Campaign

Nov - Dec 2023

Design For Manufacturing,
Supply Chain Definition

Frame 444.png
Frame 445.png

Jan - Feb 2024

Electronics Manufacturing
& Sourcing

Mar - May 2024

Tool Manufacturing & Certification

Jun - Sep 2024

Mass Production,
Packaging & Shipping


We value your support and we want to be transparent with you every step of the way.

While we've taken extensive measures to create a realistic timeline, it's important to acknowledge that you can place pre-orders for the Pawly Door on crowdfunding platforms, and external factors may impact our plans.

We understand your excitement to receive your pre-order, and we're dedicated to delivering them to you with the quality you expect. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're grateful to have you as part of our community.

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