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Prey Detection


Say goodbye to dealing with the aftermath of your cat's hunting adventures.

Setting up mouse traps, cleaning up blood spills, and masking the smell of decaying prey in your home have become things of the past.

Enjoy peace of mind and restful nights, knowing your living space remains a prey-free zone.

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No more cleaning

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No more mouse traps

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No more smell

Artificial Intelligence
Makes It Possible

The Pawly Door's advanced artificial intelligence algorithm detects when a cat enters the camera's field of view and classifies if the cat carries prey.

Reliable At Any
Time Of The Day

Cats frequently hunt at night. With its advanced camera, the Pawly Door offers exceptional night vision, ensuring reliable prey detection both day and night.

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Microchip Scanning

Chip recognition technology allows the Pawly Door to grant access to authorized cats only.

Only your cat can enter your home.

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